Good morning everyone. I hope you had a good trip back home. I imagine that most of you will be back to work or, the more fortunate among you, recuperating the sleeping hours lost during the last week.

This edition has broken a new record, 164 teams and more than 300 participants, quite a challenge for the organization, as this high participation increases the probability of errors or unforeseen problems cropping up and forces us to constantly adapt and solve potential issues that may arise.

I am happy with the progress we have made since the last Winter Edition 2016, but as I always say … perfect editions don’t nor will exist. But of one thing I can assure you, we always strive to provide and give our best.

As is usual in the Maroc, we planned an edition with a fairly high level of difficulty, especially for the 4 × 2 vehicles, a challenge in which I myself have taken part

This edition, I had the pleasure of sharing the track with the adventure category teams , though it is true that my Mercedes 190, while still a 4 × 2, is probably better adapted than yours, and allows me to solve the stages difficulties with greater ease.

But to all of you, I want to give my most sincere congratulations on your attitude. I have seen you suffer, doubt, argue, grow and advance to finally reach the finishing line, and I will not lie … I have enjoyed each and every moment shared with you

I know that when we decide to participate in the Maroc for the first time, we are avid for adventure, but I also know that once on the ground, circumstances always surprise us (even those of us who are veterans), along each stage we face unforeseen difficulties , also sometimes we face the same circumstances over and over again, a kind of offroad-Groundhog Day (and I don’t know what’s worse …).

In the end, these situations are those that remain in our memories and become not only anecdotes, but the true essence of what it is to participate in a raid.

I feel extremely fortunate to be the Maroc Challenge BriefingMan , it allows me to meet extraordinary people, to share adventures and to grow at your side, I hope you have found what you were looking for, but I also hope you have been surprised, because adventure without surprises and unforeseen obstacles is not an adventure.

And finally… thank you very much for making all this possible once again. Many thanks to all the organization team, always at the helm to make your experience all the more enjoyable.

For my part, I must say I am aware that in each Maroc I find issues that we could improve upon. It couldn’t be otherwise… I am very demanding with the Maroc as a concept, as an experience, so we will continue working to implement improvements.

Many thanks to everyone and I look forward to seeing you again… soon.

Rui Cabaço – BriefingMan


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