If you are reading this then it means you have dreamt of having the opportunity to join a marathon event such as the Dakar or the Africa race!!

There is no comparison, of course. The difference in preparation, expenditure and demands between those events and ours is immense… But perhaps there isn’t as big a difference between the first editions of the Dakar in the late 70’s and ours today: vehicles with basic modifications, drivers with limited experience and the same sensations, the same difficulties, challenges and sense of adventure.

The Maroc is a dream within your reach, whatever your motives: competition, adventure, a singular experience. The Maroc is conceived and created to give everyone the opportunity: all you need is the desire to put yourself to the test and experience exhilarating sensations.

Participation costs are very low, this is the only real low-cost event out there (costs are still the same as in the very first edition back in 2011). At present this is one of the most popular, most media covered and most international of all amateur events, yet we still adhere to our initial philosophy… an event open to everybody.

We are pioneers in the use of modern technology, our communications, use of social media, live satellite coverage of all participants, and now a new classification system using 3G which allows real-time following of all teams, (a system never used before in an event of this type).

We are also proud of our solidarity aid project, though we don’t wish to use this generosity as a media tool. We have co-founded an NGO “Altair cooperacion” through which we are going to develop cooperative projects with Spanish and Moroccan institutions. This is one of the aims of the Raid and if you join us we will encourage your assistance.

If you are considering signing up I would like to give you a couple of pieces of advice: Prepare your vehicle well, a big adventure awaits you, but you may also suffer, the event can be tough and the desert conditions imply hazards. Prepare your mind well, to avoid prejudice, stereotypes and mindsets, to discover a great country and to discover yourself.

To those who have previously joined us and are considering doing so again: please do. The experience is always different and Morocco forever yields surprises. But above all: THANK YOU. We have built this together. The Maroc is especially yours, ours.

I encourage you, therefore, to join us. Because you will undoubtedly suffer, but you will also enjoy, you will probably think of me at some moment, perhaps you will be gunning for the finish line or perhaps even before that you will be thinking of repeating the experience… The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be a unique experience every time.

Welcome to the Maroc spirit!

Rui Cabaco – BriefingMan


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