There are a variety of options to participate in the Maroc Challenge, you may choose your category and even for which trophy you wish to opt.

There are several categories, determined by the type of vehicle, engine size and level of customization.

There are also different trophies. These depend on how you want to organise your event. In some cases, such as club or large groups we can personalise these trophies and adapt them to your group.

As you can see there are many options and we are sure you will find one to suit your needs.

Find out more on the following menus.


Vehicles: 4×2 cars, SUV and 4×4 offroaders

Difficulty: accessible to all teams with or without raid experience who wish to take part in a 4×2 or 4×4 vehicle

The route is mainly tracks (between 130 and 320 km offroad per day)

  • ADVENTURE C1 – 4×2 cars up to 1300 cm3
  • ADVENTURE C2 – 4×2 cars above 1300 cm3
  • ADVENTURE C3 – 4×4 cars up to 1300 cm3
  • ADVENTURE C4 – 4×4 cars above 1300 cm3
  • ADVENTURE Rookie (TT/SUV) – OffRoad and SUV , same route cars
  • ADVENTURE SUV – SUV production and prepared
  • ADVENTURE TT1 – OFFROAD up to 1.700 cm3
  • ADVENTURE TT2 – OFFROAD from 1.701 cm3 up to 2.300 cm3
  • ADVENTURE TT3 – OFFROAD above 2.301 cm3


  • Vehiculos: OffRoad Vehicles
  • Difficulty: For teams with raid experience, teams must have taken part in the adventure category or certify participation in a similar event with a similar grade of difficulty.

The route follows offroad tracks (between 230 and 400km of tracks per day)

  • RAID – OFFROAD prepared vehicle + 2.301 cm3


You can participate in either a 4×2, SUV ( 2 wheel drive ), or a 4×4 . Your vehicle must comply with the administrative and technical verifications and also comply to current legislation.

Light vehicles

Can you imagine driving across Morocco on trails and tracks, discovering incredible landscapes, traversing wadis and dunes with an old banger?

Here’s the idea. Either you patch up that old banger Grandpa left to die in the garage and offer him the journey of a lifetime, or you can find a second hand car from 300€. Used car internet sites are a good choice and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a travel companion.

If you want information on points to consider and how to prepare your car, have a look in the FAQ section. You might also take a look at the opinions of those who have already participated.


Okay, it may seem like we are nostalgic Eighties freaks… but the fact is that ours is a low cost raid.

If you decide to purchase one exclusively for the Maroc, we can give you some advice. Nissan Patrol, Suzuki Samurai or Lada Niva are good choices, but there are many more.

In any case the vehicle is not the only consideration. If you plan to compete, orientation is essential, experience is always a plus as is strategy, and remember, we will be in Morocco, which is an added twist.


Brand trophy

We sometimes find a large amount of teams sporting the same vehicle in the same edition of the Maroc. As of 10 teams we introduce a Brand Trophy, in previous editions we have had a Fiat Panda trophy, a Suzuki samurai or a Nissan Patrol trophy. Same vehicle, same conditions, same adventure but with a specific classification as well as the general classification.

Women’s trophy

More and more women’s teams are participating in the latest editions of the Maroc Challenge, but the truth is that from the organization we wish there were still more. That’s why we encourage women’s teams (both driver and copilot):

  • We offer the opportunity of participating with a 4×4 vehicle with low-range gears and no age limit.
  • The registration fee for either of the two categories ADVENTURE or RAID is the same.
  • Trophies for first 3 finishers in categories ADVENTURE and RAID.

So ladies, this is your chance!

Custom Trophy

We are rather competitive in the Maroc… If you are part of a club, if you are a large group of people who wish to participate and have a trophy made to your measure all you must do is contact the organization and we will see what we can do.

For any questions or information regarding this trophy please contact


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