Many are the anecdotes that have taken place in an intense week, 6 days that have seen the 164 teams that landed in Al-Hoceima and went down to Erfoud, crossing some of the most spectacular landscapes in Morocco.

The Maroc Challenge, which this year has beaten it’s own record for registered teams, has two facets. On the one hand those who feel the passion and rivalry, that hit the track ready to avoid all mistakes and penalties with the aim of coming up trumps in their respective categories, some of them with a high degree of preparation. On the other hand, those who face the event as the adventure of their lifetime, with months of toil, goaded on with great doses of emotion to face an adventure in which their main goal is just to see the finish line.

The terrain is the same for them both, as the only thing that marks the difference are the Raid and Adventure categories, which share itinerary except in the most complicated areas. The first, which requires more skills and is intended for the more experienced, has higher daily mileage and tight schedules.

While the former maintain a high pace and are usually the first to finish the stage – they are also the first to leave – the latter struggle not to get bogged down in the numerous traps that the sand and the fearsome fesh-fesh represent, where it is very easy to get stuck, especially for vehicles with only two-wheel drive, which often find themselves reaching the finish line well into the night.

This is when the Maroc spirit surfaces, a camaraderie that appears intensely in this second zone of the event, in which all collaborate with each other to achieve the desired goal, to reach the end of each stage. For some the only worthwhile objective is to win, to get a place on the podium, for others ending each stage and still remaining in the race another day is sufficient reward. The Maroc Challenge is not exempt from moments of tension and stress but it awakens in all a unique atmosphere and creates great solidarity and friendships.


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