We are just about to embark on a new adventure-packed Maroc Challenge and both you and us, who will shortly set out on the reconnaissances, are finalizing the preparations.

I want to give you a taste of the Winter 2018, an edition that we are preparing with the greatest affection and which I am sure you will enjoy to the fullest. Of course, full dedication and attention to detail are paramount and it is important that you confront it, as always, with an ambitious, constructive and cohesive spirit.

When we talk about the Winter 2018 being one of the most demanding in the history of the Maroc, we are not talking just about the journey itself. We have strived to adapt the itinerary as close as possible, this time more than ever, to the different types of vehicles and their possibilities. The layout in some categories will notably increase the difficulty due to increased dune-hugging routes, but when we speak of difficulties we are referring to a whole set of factors and not just one.

First of all, of course, we must highlight the route. In this edition it is itinerant, which means that except for one stage (Zagora – Zagora) the rest of legs will each wind up in a different place, which already makes us face a much more adventurous edition and provides us with a greater diversity of landscapes. In logistic terms,  the difficulty will increase a bit, with heavier loaded vehicles, every day in and out of a different hotel or campsite, meaning less free time to rest, relax and fix the vehicles.

The temperature will also be an important factor, the lower temperatures are more forgiving on engine mechanics, which overheat less in complicated areas, especially in the case of some older vehicles, on the other hand, getting to the early morning briefing in sub-zero temperatures can wear down our stamina throughout the week.

Daylight is also an aspect to consider. The days are shorter, which will force us to start some stages, and end others, after dark. I assure you that this will happen to many of you. Make sure you have efficient illumination.

There are no big differences, on the other hand, between  the Spring and Winter Edition routes, but between them there are certain characteristics that make a big difference. One edition is neither better nor worse than the other, but certain factors make each edition unique.

To finish, there is a special factor this year that doesn’t depend on us, this is the atypical weather situation of recent months, with many rains and storms that can bring some unexpected situations along the itinerary, such as broken up, muddy or flooded areas.

These are some of the more important factors to take into account in the Winter 2018, but as we have already mentioned, the winter and spring editions are complementary. The Spring edition also has its advantages and disadvantages, so any of them represents a great challenge for all adventurers wishing to discover the secrets of the Moroccan desert.

Adrenaline, passion, fun, solidarity and character building adventure are some of the guaranteed aspects of this exhilarating race, make sure your batteries are well charged up.



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