There is no time to rest. A few days after the successful completion of the Spring Edition, the Maroc Challenge machinery is gearing up to prepare the Winter Edition, scheduled for December 2nd till 9th, introducing many exciting new features in our desire to continue improving the event in all its aspects.

The inscriptions for the event are already open and among the many features that we have prepared for you, setting out from Jumilla again is the main one. This exciting city in Murcia will host the Maroc teams under the supervision of the 4×4 Club Montesinos and the City of Jumilla, and will be the stage ground for administrative and technical verifications. The starting points in Jumilla are, undoubtedly, the most spectacular Maroc ceremonies.


The course for the Winter edition has been modified substantially with respect to previous editions. The event will consist of 6 stages, 5 following a track and one with waypoints. This edition will focus especially on the area around Merzouga and Erfoud, with two stages descending through Morocco, one from Melilla / Nador to Midelt and another from Midelt to Merzouga. You can consult the itinerary and the stages that we are preparing for you on the Maroc website.

This route, which means a substantial change over last editions, has been tailored for better adaptation to winter conditions – less hours of sunlight – and to improve timing aspects in relation to the last Winter edition 2016. The main advantage of the looping stages is that they allow more kilometers of track and less road. This way we will also be able to better adjust the cut-off times and control points in order that all teams enjoy similar conditions.


One of the most important innovations being prepared for the Winter Edition is the incorporation of a new safety system for participants, called Stella III, a system that brings many innovations and more safety aspects than the previous system.

This device operates through satellite and 3G networks, Stella III also being a radio frequency communication system between vehicles that improves safety between two or more vehicles that are close to each other or are expected to be close to each other, such as when overtaking. Regardless of visibility conditions , Stella alerts by acoustic and visual warnings of the proximity of a vehicle and also can be programmed to issue warnings that the organization considers relevant . In case of an accident, the system automatically issues alert signals to nearby participants (electronic flags).

Anyone who wants to know more about the Stella III system can take a look at this explanatory video created exclusively for SCORE events in South America:


The Maroc Challenge continues to grow with each edition, we have more and more responsibilities and the need to improve in many services, such as the incorporation of the new security system, the Stella III, which forces us to invest in our own new classification system and a new platform for tracking participants. This development has to be carried out by the organization thus allowing us to cease subcontracting to third parties.

This new development entails an important layout and to pay for it we must make a small adjustment in our fees. Our commitment remains firm and we are sticking to our initial philosophy of organizing a low-cost event that is within the means of most enthusiasts, but the growth and professionalisation of the event is increasing and, of course, this forces us to implement these improvements for the convenience and safety of all participants.

For these reasons we have planned an increase in the registration fee for the Winter Edition , which will result in a total increase of 50 € in the vehicle registration fee and 5 € in the registration fee per participant.

Dont forget, however, that registration fees are subject to significant discounts during the first two weeks, making them much cheaper, if you want to benefit from these discounts do not waste time and sign up as soon as possible.

For more information follow this link:


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