This Monday, Feb. 5th we are setting off on the recconaissances for the upcoming14th edition of the Maroc Challenge and, as always, there are some changes and innovations…

We are leaving our briefing car at home, (our faithful old mercedes 190) to take on what will without any doubt be the most desert oriented route ever.

For this upcoming edition we have come up with a circuit looping around Erfoud which allows us to maximise the off-road and dune routes. This means you can fully enjoy the terrain with all it’s complications.

This also means we must carefully design and customise the routes for each category: Adventure,  Raid TT and 4×2. We want this edition to be both tough and demanding but well adapted to the possibilities of each category of vehicles.

For this reason we are going back to our roots: one vehicle, a Nissan Patrol RD 28, over 25 years old, one outbound ferry ticket… although we plan to carry out the recconaissances for all stages and categories in a week, we seldom manage to predict the unforeseeables and given that this edition is going to be a tough one, there should be plenty of those! We’ve told our families to not expect us home too soon…

We are geared up for an intense, sand-up-to-the-eyeballs experience and we’ll be keeping you well posted with updates and photos of the route to get your juices flowing.

You can follow us using these links:

Don’t miss these recconaissances… we are sure that we will provide some quite spectacular moments for your pleasure.


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