Our top priority is safety, in the Maroc Challenge we take our participants’ safety as a priority in an integral way.

Our safety concept begins with prevention: a route with much navigation and many off-road stretches implies limiting the speed in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

The field safety team:

Our medical team is specialized in emergency services, has extensive field experience and is familiar with Moroccan health infrastructures.

This basic team (composed of doctors and nurses), is expanded proportionally to the number of participants and is distributed in off-road vehicles which accompany the participants along the way.

Participants have a location beacon (stella III) which allows the organization to locate them precisely and in real time, as well as allowing participants to send the organization an SOS message in case of an accident. This system facilitates rapid medical attention with the shortest possible delay.

“STELLA III” Safety system:


This alarm is only used in case of danger or medical emergency. In this case, the system informs the organization of the need for assistance and the exact location of the vehicle, the system connects by satellite or 3G signal.

Help (mechanical / medical from the organization)

The Help alarm may be activated for situations that don’t threaten the participants’ personal safety but require assistance from the organization: minor injuries, symptoms of dehydration, dizziness, etc.

Communication between participants

Stella III is also a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that improves safety in race situations where two or more vehicles are or are expected to be close to each other, such as while overtaking. Regardless of visibility conditions, Stella alerts by visual and acoustic warnings of the proximity of a vehicle.

In case of an accident, the system automatically issues alert signals to nearby participants (electronic flags).

Download: Manual STELLA III


Participation in the Panáfrica requires contracting compulsory health repatriation insurance that ensures the possibility of returning to Spain to undergo any operations or treatments that may be required in case of an accident, given that the emergency doesn’t preclude or impede repatriation.


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